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The Face of Grace

Today our topic is grace. For some, grace is a difficult concept because, as it pertains to God's forgiveness and our reconciliation with Him, our effort becomes totally irrelevant. That is, there is no way for us to earn the love, favor and forgiveness of God because He offers them freely as a gift of grace. Here's the definition of grace I find easiest to remember: grace is God giving us what we … [Read More...]

A Time For Praise!

Every once in a while it seems good to pause and take time for praise without any other consideration. The Psalmist, David, declared, Psalm 34:1 1 I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth. I must confess this is not always my default disposition. Especially when things go wrong I'm inclined to worry, sometimes complain, and usually obsess about trying … [Read More...]


When Life Gets Too…

Today we conclude the series, "When Life Gets Too..."  When we began I asked you to identify areas in your life where it felt as though life had been or currently was too... ?  The responses comprised a list which was familiar because it included situations we've all experienced.  You said that at times you feel too... : Busy, Stressed, Exhausted, Self-focused, Overwhelmed, Worried, Defensive, … [Read More...]


When Life Gets Too…Overwhelming

How many of you have ever said, "I'm feeling really overwhelmed by ___________"?   We all feel that way from time to time, don't we? Today is part four of the series, "When Life Gets Too...".   So far we've looked at what life looks like when we are overloaded with information, when we are over committed and stretched too thin.  Today we'll explore what it's like when we feel overwhelmed. To … [Read More...]


When Life Gets Too…Overcommitted (Playing Chicken with the Last Straw)

We are in week three of the series, "When Life Gets Too..." We've all said at one time or other: "I'm too..." (busy, tired, stressed, angry, poor, etc.) "That's just too..." (time consuming, confusing, frustrating, expensive, boring, extravagant, etc.) We all have areas and/or seasons in our lives where we are, or at least feel, too... and in week one we looked at the Apostle Paul's … [Read More...]