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My Story

I grew up in a home where God and His existence were never debated. It was simply understood that there is a God and that God is involved in the lives of the people He has created. Now, I must admit that my earliest understanding of God and His relationship with God had more to do with His judgment of my actions than of His love for me, but that was largely due to my limited grasp of the whole … [Read More...]

From Shepherd to King – How We Handle the In-Between

  Today I want us to spend some time thinking about what we do when it feels like our lives are being lived "in-between." For example, you may believe that God has a plan for your life but the fulfillment of that plan seems so dim and distant that, at times, you're not even sure it's true anymore. Worse, you may believe that God has a plan for your life but you can't even begin to figure … [Read More...]

The Return

Last week I read the entire Christmas story from the Biblical accounts found in Matthew and Luke. Through the Christmas story we are introduced to the miraculous way in which God chose to rescue mankind from the power of sin -- sin which separates us from a right relationship with God. God sent His Son, Jesus, into the world to become the sacrifice necessary to reconcile us with our Heavenly … [Read More...]

The Arrival

The story of Christmas is mysterious and amazing. The story is punctuated with miracles, conflict, crisis, drama and wonder. And the overarching premise is so incredible we struggle to grasp. Why would God send His only Son to rescue us from our fallen condition? Let me read you the story from the Chronological Bible. Imbedded in the story of Christmas is the reason God chose to send Jesus … [Read More...]

Giving Thanks in Adversity

We read in the Bible, specifically the Old Testament book of Daniel, about a man named Daniel; a Jew who had been relocated from Jerusalem to Babylon after the Babylonians had invaded and conquered Judah about 600 years before Christ was born. Daniel and three other young Jewish men, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, rose to prominence with the Babylonian rulers because of their exemplary character. … [Read More...]