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In recent weeks I’ve had some interesting conversations with a friend and fellow Christian on the topic of baptism. We have some minor (or not, depending on your viewpoint) differences in our understanding of baptism so I thought I'd share my views on the subject today.  I will try to support my views with scripture, but, clearly, the Bible is not totally unambiguous on the subject, so in the end … [Read More...]

Celebrating Freedom

A simple definition of tyranny is "oppressive, authoritarian government."  Tyranny is the antithesis of freedom; it is government in which individual liberties are constrained by threats, force and punishments by those in power.  The existence of tyranny is a reality even in our modern and, supposedly, enlightened age. The founders of this country settled here hoping to experience freedom from … [Read More...]

Jesus: Works, Words, Power and Authority

Today I want us to turn to the book of Matthew, chapter 8, where we see an interesting sequence of events which, I believe, underscore one central idea.  What we'll notice as we look through these stories is that all but one contains a common theme; the manifest power and authority of Jesus.  We'll deal with that one exception separately because it actually relates to the others in a different … [Read More...]

Grow Us – Giant Killers

Today we conclude the series, Grow Us.  Throughout this series we've been asking God to help us live out our faith in bigger ways by increasing our capacity to permit our infinite God to accomplish greater things in and through us.  We began by asking God to enlarge our hearts so that we may truly love as God loves and understand His truth more perfectly.  We have asked God to expand our vision to … [Read More...]

Grow Us – Intensify Our Passion

As we begin this fourth part of the series, Grow Us, I should begin by explaining what I mean by the word passion in the context of this message.  Passion has several definitions, but for our purposes we will focus on passion as an intense connection to an activity, goal or concept.  I like to think of it this way: when we are passionate about something we do not have to remember to do it, to … [Read More...]