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New Beginnings

  Message Pastor Dave preached at Farewell Avenue Christian Church on 5/8/16 When I was asked to preach on this topic a few months ago I was happy to accept because this happens to be one of my favorite parts of the Bible. The birth of the New Testament church and the implications of the Biblical narrative for what we do today is fun, challenging and invigorating to explore. Unfortunately, … [Read More...]

Fair vs. Right – Part 2

Last week I began a two-part sermon series dealing with our culture's view of fairness. We are focusing on two essential facts related to fairness which are often omitted from the discussion: 1) Fairness is not possible (i.e. life is not inherently fair) and, therefore, cannot be construed as a right, and 2) absent an objective standard, fairness becomes a moving target with fluid and, … [Read More...]

Fair vs. Right

Today I thought it might be beneficial to address an issue we are hearing a lot about in our culture. Especially during election seasons, and more and more as a general matter of discussion, the topic of fairness arises. I feel certain (because I have a reasonable sense of human nature and the trends in our culture) that fairness is brought up often in our schools. And while I value the role of … [Read More...]


My wife and I had a conversation earlier this week with a couple who have largely adopted our model for ministry where they live in Anchorage. They had the beginnings of a small group a while back and after talking with us about how we were ministering they felt encouraged that what they were doing was okay with God (not that they needed our approval, but they wanted affirmation that what they … [Read More...]


The Easter season is a powerful reminder of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. The reason this is true centers upon the fact that we are not only remembering that Jesus gave His life for our sins on the cross, was buried, and as He promised, rose from the dead on the third day; Easter also connects us with the wonderful truth that the power of Christ to rise from the dead is what enables us … [Read More...]