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An Inconvenient Church – Say What?

Inconvenient church doesn't have a very pleasing ring to it.  It's probably not the best way to market a church: LifePoint - Disrupting Your Peaceful Existence...for Jesus!  Of course, the message of inconvenient church isn't that God wants to make your existence hell on earth, it's that following Jesus means that we cannot disengage from the messiness of life; the messy lives of others or our own … [Read More...]


An Inconvenient Church – What Do You See?

Last week I began summarizing the discussions we have been having in our Connections group regarding what our church can look like as we develop an identity, a community and a culture.  Our discussions led us to identify some important themes which emerged as priorities.  I spoke last week about our commitment to agility.  Today, I want to talk about sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and, more … [Read More...]

An Inconvenient Church – What Does It Look Like?

One of the challenges for a community of believers is our tendency to fall in love with who we are. That closeness which keeps us together and seals us in relationship can also become the fence which keeps others from penetrating our intimate circle.  It also creates a necessary tension which we must consistently and ruthlessly confront. The tension arises when our need to form deep and … [Read More...]

We Weren’t Created to Manage Life Alone

(View "Unredeemed" by Selah) The world is filled with people who are grappling with life.  In fact, we all are.  We struggle with how to make ends meet financially, how to manage relationships in our homes and with other people in our lives, what to do about (if anything can be done) the mistakes we've made and the sins we've committed, and even how to deal with that strange tension that arises … [Read More...]

Fierce Love

In the film, Conan the Barbarian, the massively muscular Conan describes what is best in life: “Crush your enemies; see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women.”  Now, while you may not agree with the specifics of his assessment, men, you have to admit that we all identify, to some degree, with the strong, powerful, and courageous image Conan portrayed.  We admire strength … [Read More...]