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Non-Disposable People

I talk a lot about the importance of relationships. I believe the Bible shows us that God created us to enjoy - and in some cases contend with - relationships. In fact, most followers of Jesus believe that God created us to experience relationship with Him and that a by-product of our relationship with our Heavenly Father is better relationships with the people in our lives. The Apostle Paul … [Read More...]

An Inconvenient Church – Divine Intentions

Today we conclude this series on "An Inconvenient Church" and I want to tie all of this together with a look at the "why" behind this entire proposition. Why would anyone choose to be inconvenienced? Why does it matter that we not simply live our lives unto our selves; seeking our own path through life and doing what makes us happy and comfortable? The answer, of course, lies in the belief and … [Read More...]

An Inconvenient Church – Keepers of the Gate

For several weeks we've been dealing with the idea that following Jesus can sometimes result in personal inconvenience.  The messiness of life usually doesn't coincide with our calendars and clocks.  You simply can't schedule the unexpected.  Not only that, our inclination to indulge our desires and appetites often creates interference which obscures our ability to identify and respond to the … [Read More...]

An Inconvenient Church – Say What?

Inconvenient church doesn't have a very pleasing ring to it.  It's probably not the best way to market a church: LifePoint - Disrupting Your Peaceful Existence...for Jesus!  Of course, the message of inconvenient church isn't that God wants to make your existence hell on earth, it's that following Jesus means that we cannot disengage from the messiness of life; the messy lives of others or our own … [Read More...]


An Inconvenient Church – What Do You See?

Last week I began summarizing the discussions we have been having in our Connections group regarding what our church can look like as we develop an identity, a community and a culture.  Our discussions led us to identify some important themes which emerged as priorities.  I spoke last week about our commitment to agility.  Today, I want to talk about sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and, more … [Read More...]