Living Generously

Several weeks ago I laid the foundation for the topics we considered last time and today. I talked to you about adopting a Biblical philosophy for living life based on extravagant love and generous living. We've already looked at what the scriptures say about extravagant love and now we'll explore what the Bible teaches about living generously. Let's return to Luke, chapter 6, from The Message. Luke 6 (The Message) "To you who are ready for the truth, I say this: Love your enemies. Let … [Read more...]

Extravagant Love

Last week I laid the foundation for the topic today and next week. I talked to you about adopting a Biblical philosophy for living life based on extravagant love and generous living. Today we'll dig deeper into the Biblical foundation and practical application of extravagant love and next week we'll explore what the Bible teaches about generosity as a foundation for living. The Bible speaks at great length about love and how love is, essentially, an extension of the nature of God. The … [Read more...]

Extravagant Love and Generous Living Leads to an Attitude of Praise

live generously

Many years ago, early in our marriage, Kathy and I adopted a philosophy for our lives. We didn't write it down or even define it in specific terms, but after reading the scriptures and observing people who were godly examples in our families and church, we realized that generosity was a Biblical principle. We learned to make being generous one of those attitudes around which we built our lives. It wasn't until decades later, however, while reading from the paraphrase of the Bible called The … [Read more...]

Giving of Ourselves

Today I want to walk us through a few verses of scripture from Paul's letter to the church in Rome. In these verses I hope you will discover some of the wonder and awe which God deserves, and I hope you'll also be inspired to be more available to God for His use and purposes. We'll begin near the end of Romans 11 and continue into the first verse of Romans 12. Paul writes, Romans 11:33-36, 12:1 33 Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his … [Read more...]

Seeing the Good in What Appears to be Bad

(For background, read Genesis chapters 37-50) The background for this sermon begins about 11 chapters earlier in the book of Genesis. You may recall that Joseph was the youngest of 12 sons born to Jacob. He was also the favorite of Jacob because he was born so late in Jacob's life. His favor, however, made Joseph a target of jealousy in the household and eventually, when he was about 17, Joseph's brothers sold him to traveling merchants and told Jacob that Joseph had been killed by a wild … [Read more...]

Bible Lessons

  For the past several weeks I've taken us on a journey through the Bible by highlighting many of the people whose lives and experiences are important to the understanding of God's plan. We followed the chronological timeline noting significant figures who were important in the story of God's relationship with mankind. The culmination of God's plan in history was the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Jesus is the focal point of God's plan to rescue sinful humanity and to … [Read more...]