The Final Days of Jesus

The following is a chronology of the last week of Jesus' life with key verses which highlight those events. Sunday Crowds which were gathered in Jerusalem for the Passover feast heard Jesus was approaching town and went out to meet Him with palm branches which they waved and laid in his path in celebration of his arrival.           "Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!" (John 12:13) Wednesday Two days before Passover the chief priests conspired to have Jesus … [Read more...]

First Things

Every one of us lives life according to a set of priorities; things we do first before we do anything else. These priorities may not be written down and posted on the refrigerator, but they exist. Of course, there is also a hierarchy of priorities which overrule the normal everyday priorities. For instance, it is one of our household priorities to clean the kitchen after preparing and eating a meal. No TV, no social media, or other distractions before the kitchen has been cleaned. It's a small … [Read more...]

Gifted for a Purpose

The Bible teaches that each of us is a creation of God. Even though each of us comes to be as a result of a biological process, every one of us is uniquely and divinely endowed. Each of us has been given gifts, talents and abilities. And that which God has entrusted to us is intended to be used to bring glory and attention to Him, not to ourselves. As humans who are sinful, flawed and intrinsically selfish, we often get this wrong. We mistakenly appropriate as our own that which has been … [Read more...]

Our Quiet Refuge

The last time we were together I encouraged you not to become overly distressed due to the many external noises and distractions so prevalent in our connected world. As followers of Jesus we are to be examples of good citizenship and calm reason in the midst of a world which seems to panic over relatively minor events. But what about those things which distress us which do not originate externally but from within? What about that inner crisis we often find ourselves losing sleep over and … [Read more...]

Our Ultimate Authority

If you listen to the news, regardless of which source you may prefer, it would be easy to conclude that the world is about to collapse; that the sky really is about to fall. The noise and the chatter are ceaseless in this age of 24 hour "news". One maxim in the news business is "If it bleeds, it leads." The point, of course, is that the more dramatic and sensational the story is (or can be made to appear), the more attention the viewer or listener will give it. It's incredible that just about … [Read more...]

Resolved to….

It's that time of year, again, where people make promises to themselves and others that they will do things differently than they have done in the past. I will exercise more I will eat better I will manage my time more carefully I will treat others better I will manage my finances I will get out of debt I will finish ____________ These are all worthwhile and lofty goals, but we all know that many of them will not survive past the end of January. And the reason this is true rests with … [Read more...]